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Weddings at St Boniface

For enquiries about weddings, an appointment should be made directly with one of the priests.
At least 6 months notice is required to make arrangements. One person must be a baptised catholic and must live in the parish, otherwise a letter of permission is needed from your parish Priest to get married at St. Boniface Tooting. If St Boniface Tooting is your parish, and you are planning to get married in another parish, you will need a letter of permission from the parish priest.

Copies of Marriage Certificates

  • Fee for marriage Certificates £7.00

  • Certificates can be issued for weddings from 28th July 1973. If you require a certificate for a prior date, please contact the registrar at Wandsworth Borough Council.

  • Please give three days notice when certificate(s) are required. The fee is paid when the certificate is requested.

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