Our Vision…Looking Forward

1. Community

“Expressions of a desire for a greater sense of togetherness, unity and integration represents about a third of the 580 responses. An experience of community based on our faith in God and strengthened by the Holy Spirit”


3. Young People

“Hope for a greater presence and participation by our young people in Church activities with more opportunities for the youth to become more involved”


5. Welcoming

“To be more welcoming towards other people, Christian and non-Christian and be more considerate towards each other in Church”


7. Renovate our Church Building

“Our Church is in need of redecorating and renovating”


9. Parishioners

“A wish for the priests and people to work together, the people need to be more involved – a Parish Pastoral Council”

2. Growth

“To grow stronger in faith and commitment to Gospel values”


4. Worship

“Our worship of God to become more vibrant and joyful. For example: more religious activities, prayer, bible groups and pilgrimages”


6. Outreach

“A commitment towards the needy, not just within our own community but also the needy beyond our parish boundries”


8. More Social Events

“Create more opportunities for families to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company”



“I am 75 now and in 5 years time I might be in Heaven where I can pray for you all”
“To be alive to see it”
“Whether in Heaven or on earth let us all continue to pray and ask for God’s guidance”



“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”

John 14:6

“The Church always stands at the crossroads of God and the world, making it a place of encounter”

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