Our Social Facilities

1. Community

“Organise more social functions for parishioners and encourage more ‘hands-on’ participation from our parishoners in Parish social activities.”
“Promote inclusion and togetherness making it a warm and engaging place”
“Create a Pastoral Council & Social Committee representative of the Parish’s many cultures. Organise gatherings which focus on the common good, network with other churches”


3. Fundraising

“Promote the utilisation of the Hall for a variety of fund raising events such as: a Parish Ball, a Parish Dance”
“Collections during Mass and voluntary donations to sustain any of the Hall’s financial requirements”


5. Our Young People

“Provide youth clubs and after school clubs and for our little children, play & music groups and parties”
“Develop a wider range of activities/facilities for young people and engage young people in Parish activities”
“Encourage and inspire the young to use and take pride in the Church Hall as their own meeting place”


7. Advertise St. Boniface Church Hall

“Raise the profile of the Church Hall in local papers, on the internet, website and radio”
“Promote events & functions after Mass, inviting more parishioners and people in the wider community to use the facilities”


2. Celebrations & Cultural Diversity

“Arrange gatherings and parties to celebrate Feast Days, Christmas and Easter, perhaps a Parish Annual Supper and celebrations in the Church Hall after an International Mass.”
“Organise cross-cultural events to include all ethnic groups, World Food Days, coming together to share music and culture from our countries”


4. Families in the Parish

“Arrange social events involving whole families, the young and old. Organise ‘Retreat’ weekends”


6. St. Boniface Hall; Make it self-sufficient

Hire out the Church Hall to be used for;
a) Social gatherings, events, functions & receptions,
b) Baptisms, First Holy Communion, Weddings, Confirmations & Birthdays.
c) Sport activities, keep fit, dance & zumba classes, raising funds to sustain its financial viability.
d) Mid week, day time clubs, such as Yoga and Coffee clubs etc.
e) Generate Revenue – through Bingo, Quiz & Card nights, Movies, Comedy Music Nights. Amateur Dramatics Clubs, Talent and Variety shows. (With a more religious theme organise Choral recitals and Christian
plays – performed by Parish members).


8. Business & Finance

“A more professional Business Management is required to make the Hall financially sustainable in future”
“Redecorate & Modernise the Church Hall and make it more appealing”.

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