Our Parish Strengths

1. A variety of gifts

“We have an outward looking and diverse, multicultural community at St Boniface. People are friendly and open to the gifts of each other. The Parish is a welcoming home, providing the opportunity to meet new people and fosters social inclusion. Our unity is expressed in prayer which is our strength”


3. Our Priests

“The clergy listen to the people, welcome suggestions and concerns, they are friendly and this contributes positively to good relations in the Parish. We have easy access to our
priests who are supportive and dedicated. We are blessed with a good number of priests who come from different backgrounds bringing many gifts into the Parish”


5. Children’s Liturgy

“A large number of children attend to listen and understand the gospel in their early stages. It has a friendly and family orientated programme attracting families, bringing children together and strengthening our community”


7. Great facilities

“Our large, spacious Parish Centre supports social gatherings and meetings after Mass. For different groups, it brings togetherness, cohesion and a greater sense of community”

2. A large community spirit

“Our Parish attracts large numbers of people from over 43 nationalities and we respond well to various activities on offer, i.e. coffee mornings and social events. Mass attendance never diminishes and the location of our church is accessible for Mass celebration. Our church is a sacred space and is a place of encounter and respect”


4. St Boniface School

“There are strong connections between the church and St. Boniface Primary School and also with other Catholic Schools in the area helping to promote the Catholic ethos to our children. Our community is blessed with many young families whose children go to St. Boniface School”


6. Generosity

“Our generosity supports many charities. Fund raising with ‘Gift Aid’ for good causes helps us to live our Christian sense of sharing and solidarity by reaching out to those who need help. We support the maintenance and upkeep of the church which helps sustain the Parish and also helps us to be self sufficient”


8. The various groups in the parish

“These include: Choirs, Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Cleaners, Flower Arrangers, Brownies and Guides, Youth Club, Catechists, Christmas fair, SVP, The Knights of St. Columba, Justice And Peace, RCIA, Legion of Mary, the Amazing Grace Charismatic group”

“We will never arrive at the perfect model of parish – but sometimes the journey is more important than the arrival”

Killoloe Pastoral Plan, 2004

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