Our Parish Priorities

1. Youths & Teenagers

“To engage young people more in the life of the church”


3. Pastoral Care

“Taking care of the sick, the needy and the poor and taking care of older people, cherishing their life experiences”


5. Evangelisation

“To bear more witness to Jesus Christ”


7. Parish Pastoral Council

“To pilot and evaluate activities and programmes in the Parish community”


9. St Boniface Parish Centre

“Make the facilities available for the public to generate funds”

2. Integration of Parishioners:

“All members should feel a sense of belonging in the Parish family and community”


4. Finance

“All should support the Parish family and community generously”


6. Volunteers

“More hands are needed in different areas of the Parish community”


8. Sound System

“Improve audio communication in the Church”


10. St Boniface School

“To value the life-giving ethos of St Boniface School”
“Focus more attention on the Parish’s School”


“In a world of partners, dissent is an ordinary dynamic, but if people can hold each other in respect, conflicts can cleanse and illuminate the way ahead”

Evelyn & James Whitehead – The Promise of Partnership

“The church’s engagement with contemporary cultures is not optional – it is the dialogue of life”

On the Way to Life, Catholic Education Service

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Parish Priorities
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‘The Vision’ – Looking ahead