Our Challenges

1. Community

“Bring everyone together, overcome cultural barriers, improve participation, include different ethnic groups, be more united and integrated as a parish, get to know each other better”


3. Faith

“Maintain and deepen faith & spirituality, promote the Word of God, Catholic teachings & Christian prayer”
“Increase visibility of St Boniface in the wider community, strengthen links with other churches”


5. Parish Organisation

“Strengthen communication and organisation, promote the parish better”
“Get more people involved in activities and volunteering to help”
“Greater focus on financial viability and fundraising”
“Review church hall facilities, put the building to better use”


7. Church Building

“Improve the upkeep of St Boniface Church and its sound system”

2. Youth

“Engage more with teenagers and young people, find ways to attract, involve and interest them in the church and its activities”
“Do more to pass on the faith to the next generation”


4. Mass

“Make the liturgy more relevant to families and adolescents”
“Find ways for families to attend Mass with young children without disturbing others”
“Have more Masses with singing / music / choir ”


6. Christian Life

“Show more love, offer help and support to the sick, the poor and the aged”
“Be open to the problems of society and the wider world”
“Be more welcoming to newcomers”


8. Pastoral Care

“Deepen bonds between priests and parishioners”

“Faith is not a museum piece to be admired but a way of life to be lived. It is to care without borders.”

Thomas Groome – Educating For Life

“Awareness is the first step towards transformation”

Robert Shreiter – Constructing Local Theologies

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Parish Challenges
Parish Priorities
Social Facilities
‘The Vision’ – Looking ahead