Parish Council

The Parish Council is meant to be the eyes and ears of the parish. The group meets periodically  in order to:

  • Listen to the needs and concerns of the community
  • Reflect and prayerfully plan future directions for the parish and prioritise initiatives to be undertaken
  • Provide the on-going formation, evaluation and training for Council members and existing groups in the parish
  • Ensure that effective communication takes place within the parish, the Deanery, the Diocese and the wider community
  • Recognise and build on work already done, affirm the contribution of those involved, and celebrate the gifts and achievements of all parishioners
  • Review the life and activities of the parish in order to enable the Kingdom of God to flourish in the life of the community.

Please feel free to email the Parish Council with your views and suggestions on parish matters or if you would like to help in any way in the parish at:

Parish Survey

During the induction ceremony of Fr. Tom as the new Parish Priest of St. Boniface’s Parish, Bishop Paul asked the priests and people a number of questions.

We were asked; “Priests and people of this Parish, you share in the work of the Church. Will you work and pray together in love, seeking through prayer and service to grow in the knowledge of the faith and to make the Gospel known throughout the world?”

“Will you faithfully participate in the sacred mysteries of Christ’s Body and Blood so that the Church may be built up as the Body of Christ?”

Our response was; “We will with the help of God”.

Following on, it was decided to do a Parish Survey and now we can see the results of the five questions.

  1. Parish Strengths
  2. Parish Challenges
  3. Parish Priorities
  4. Social Facilities
  5. ‘The Vision’ – Looking ahead

Mission Statement

“The Parish Council will listen, be open, serve and communicate with the people so that our parish is welcoming and the parishioners are empowered to live the Good News.”