Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

This is a system through which the parish reclaims from the Inland Revenue the Tax you pay on the contributions you give to the parish. This will cost you no extra whatsoever,  but it will increase the value of your contributions.

How does it work?

All that is needed is for you to register for Gift Aid in the parish and you will be given a box of envelopes in which to make your contributions. To be eligible to register for Gift Aid, you MUST be paying Tax.

To get started

We have an active Gift Aid scheme in this parish and are very grateful to the 240 existing members who agree to the tax they paid on their contributions being paid back to the parish, thus increasing the value of their contributions by 25p for every pound they contribute.

To get started in the Gift Aid scheme all you need to do is download the declaration and when completed either e-mail it to or put it in an envelope marked “Gift Aid Organiser” and drop it into the Presbytery. The Gift Aid Organiser (Tony Finnegan) will then arrange for you to have a box of envelopes in which to make your contributions.

pdfDownload Gift Aid Form