How is the Catechetical Team structured and trained?

Children's liturgyThe team is drawn from the people of the parish. No previous teaching experience is required as support will be given to new catechists by practical experience gained from working with, watching and listening to existing catechists and guidance by our Parish Priests. New catechists will be given catechetical roles as and when they are ready.
Formal instruction will also be given to all catechists through the team’s own ‘in house’ training material by reference to the Diocesan approved publications written by Katie Thompson which provide a complete programme that follows the guidelines of the Bishop’s Conference. Further formal instruction is provided by the Parish through the courses run by the Christian Education Centre at Tooting Bec where catechists can, after approval by the Parish Priest, attend a parish funded structured programme after which they will receive a certificate of their training.

The culture of the team is one of inclusivity in that new members are always encouraged so as to keep the team fresh with new ideas and personalities and also to ensure that the Children’s Liturgy programme is sustained after existing catechists have moved on or reduced their level of activity. It is also the culture of the parish that all catechists are given the opportunity to take turns, as and when they are ready and, if they wish, to act as lead guide of their Liturgy class.

This means the burden of administrating the Liturgy is shared and team knowledge is spread so as to ensure continuity and undue reliance is not placed on any one or small group of individuals. ‘Under 5’ catechists are encouraged to move up to the ‘5 and over’ class as and when they feel ready as new parents become engaged with the ’under 5’ class and feel ready to join the Team. It is not necessary to have been through an ‘under 5’ Liturgy class to join the ‘5 and over’ Liturgy class. Regular planning meetings are held between catechists of the respective classes and also as a whole team