Parish Newsletter – 16 Apr 2020

St Boniface Parish Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters,

Hope and pray that you are keeping well. Thank you for joining the parish in prayer. I get calls enquiring about sunday offerings. My reply was not to worry about money now even though we dont get any income. Prayers and looking after our family are most important.

But I got information from the diocese that the diocese have set up a Justgiving option were parishioners can make their offering/donation online. If you wish to make your offering to the Church regularly, you are most welcome to do so. The money will go to the diocese and the diocese will put your contribution to St Boniface account every other week. Please click the link below to make your offering/ donation. You can also visit our website to make your offering. Many thanks

St Boniface JustGiving Pages

Please keep our Parish in prayer as we are doing couple projects in the Church: rewiring of the Church & as result of the rewiring, we have to do decorating of all the wooden panels in the Church.

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. Devotions & Adoration will start at 2pm and Mass at 3pm.

Many thanks
Stay Safe
Fr Shaju

Continue to pray for the parish, the sick and front line workers. Please keep us in your prayers. We continue to keep you in our prayers.

Be assured of my prayers
Fr Shaju

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