Parish Life in Relation to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Dear brothers & sisters in Christ,

This is a lent like we never haven’t experienced before. It is  like we are in real terms entering into wilderness with the Lord. A time of testing and growing closure to God. A time where we have to learn how to live with limitations and less resources. We therefore want you to assure you of our spiritual closeness at this time: will be praying for you everyday and celebrate Mass everyday for you.

•Even though no public Mass will be celebrated from this Friday evening, 20th March until further notice, private Mass will be celebrated at 10am everyday in our Church in spiritual communion with all the Parishioners. If you cant watch live streaming of the Mass at home, please be in spiritual communion with the parish by praying liturgy of the word at this time (please pick up a leaflet for liturgy of the Word).

•Until a lockdown for the city/country is implemented, there will be exposition of the blessed sacrament everyday from 10.30am onwards. If you want to spend time with the blessed sacrament, please make sure you keep a safe distance from others in the Church, family may sit together.

•No baptism, confirmation, wedding and funeral will be held in the Church until further notice. Funeral service will be held at the cemetery or crematorium. The sacrament of reconciliation on request.

•Holy Week celebrations will depend on the development of the situation and the decisions of the bishops.

•Please pray stations of the cross (take a stations of the cross leaflet from the Church)

•Be in communion with Our Lady and Please pray Rosary if possible.

•If possible, please pray divine mercy chaplet at 3pm remembering the parish and the whole world.

•Please check in your area who are housebound. If anyone needs help in shopping or meal, please let the parish know about it. Please phone often and find out how the elderly and vulnerable people whom you know or/and who are in your area. The same with your friends and family.

•Live streaming of Mass is available at: or www. or at EWTN

•Morning Prayers, evening prayers, other office of prayers and daily reading of the Mass is available from “”. Just type on your web browser universalis .com to access the site.

We appreciate that these measures will have a significant and direct impact on your spiritual life and the life of our parish family. It is vital that we look after ourselves and one another in our parish family and the neighbourhood.

Be assured of our prayers

Parish Team, St Boniface Parish, Tooting

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