Coronavirus – Prayers for NHS Staff and Patients

Dear all,
Hope and pray you all are keeping well. Please stay safe and follow the guidance at this extraordinary time in the history of humanity. That means, we too should realise that we have to be extraordinary – totally different from our ordinary life style, the way we live our lives.

Visits to St George’s hospital tells the real grip of the reality. More and more wards are turned to Coronavirus wards. Thanks be to God – doctors, nurses, health care workers and including us who have to go to the ward for the last rite receive all the protective clothes and equipment. But still it is not nice to be there. So please pray for them and also for the patients.

Please make use of all the spiritual materials and live streaming of Mass facilities online. We celebrate Mass here at St Boniface at 10am and Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3pm everyday, if you can … be at spiritual communion with the parish family at this time.

May I humbly request you to say
– one our father,
– one hail Mary and
– one glory be to thee
everyday at 7pm for all those who are in hospitals fighting for their lives with coronavirus and the staff who care for them (who risk their lives). If possible, pray as a family…may be before meal. Ask your children to lead you in this prayer. Thanks.

We are also getting requests for help as many families are struggling, especially those who are self employed. We are keeping a food bank box in front of the Presbytery Door. If you wish to give anything to those who are struggling this time, you are most welcome to drop them in it.

Be assured of my prayers
Fr Shaju

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