Gift Aid Scheme Envelopes

GIFT AID SCHEME ENVELOPES: New Gift Aid envelopes come into use on the first Sunday in June and the Gift Aid organisers will be in the porch to hand out the envelopes before and after all Masses on the weekends 25/26 May and 1/2 June. If you have signed a Gift Aid Declaration please make sure to collect your supply of new envelopes on one of those weekends. There will also be a confidential letter addressed to each member who makes Gift Aid payments by standing order to acknowledge the amount paid in this way and these letters will also be available to be collected on the same two weekends. New members will also be most welcome to join. All that is required is that you use an envelope which is provided for the money you put in the collection and that you sign a form to confirm you are a taxpayer and wish the tax you have paid on the money you put in the collection to be paid to the parish. You do not have to commit to any particular amount of contribution but if you join the scheme every pound you put in your envelopes will be worth £1.25 to the Church. Thanks to existing members for past contributions and a warm welcome to those who wish to join for the first time or return to the scheme after a period of absence. Last year we received £ 32,098.68 in tax return which helped us to pay the diocesan levy (DDF) of £24,700 to the diocese. Any enquiries can be emailed to
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