Thank you for your support in 2017

As we have come to the end of the God given year 2017, the Parish Family wishes to say a thank you to all those who  supported our community in various ways in this year. Thank you for your support to those who are saddened at the death of their loved one, your loving care for the sick & the housebound, comforting presence to those in loneliness, timely support to those who were in crisis and the helping hand to the needy, encouragement to the children & youth, compassion to the elderly etc. You all made a difference in our community: some by their silent prayers, some with their generosity, some with their gifts & talents and some with their very presence. As we acknowledge your valuable support and hard work, we wish to say a special thanks to the following: *Altar Linen Cleaners *Altar Servers *Altar Servers Alb organisers *Catechists *Cleaning Team *Communication Team *Coffee Morning Organisers *Children’s Liturgy Team *Choirs & Music Organisers *Extraordinary Ministers of Communion & the Sick *Event Organisers * Fire Marshals *Flower Arrangers *Finance Committee *Gift Aid Administrators *Mass Coordinators *Ministers of the word *Ministers of Welcoming *Money Counters *Mothers & Toddlers Group organisers *Knit & Natter Group *Outreach Group *Pastoral Council *Premises Team *Rosary, Divine Mercy & Charismatic Prayer Groups *Sunday Collection & Offertory Organisers *Repairs & Maintenance helpers *Repository Team *Sacred Vessel cleaners *Sacristans *School Governors *SVP, Knights, Bible study group, 50+ club *Tea & Coffee Team *Safeguarding Representative *Social Committee *Votive Candle stand Cleaning Team *Web Master *Youth Group & Leaders.
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