Parish Prayer List : 26 August 2018

The Sick:

Nilojan Mariyathas, Jill Hart, Bety Joyce, Mary & Tony Hardy, Esther Daley, Clifford Teteh, Norman Mendonca, Irene Mendonca, Julianna Hayfron, Nino Abel, Albert Folvi, Terence Rodrigues, Marciana Tangcay, Geoff Blwyddin Helena O’Connor, Mary Prospere, Cecil Adams and Pat Nolan.

Recently Deceased:

Lucia Laidlaw, Susan Colton Smith, Nick Pullenger..  May they rest in peace


Gino Marenghi, Joy Nwabude, Mavis Pusey, William Paget, Mary Wilson, James Doherty, Richard Pierce, Christine Stokes, Herta Boyton, Conchita Pechon, Anthony Cooper, Patrick McElwain, Jacqueline Ward, Augustus Allen, Baby Sofe Sandrin Sutharsan, Moira Parvin.   May they rest in peace – Amen.
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