Parish Prayer List : 24 June 2018

The Sick:

Nilojan Mariyathas, Jill Hart, Bety Joyce, Mary & Tony Hardy, Esther Daley, Clifford Teteh, Norman Mendonca, Irene Mendonca, Julianna Hayfron, Nino Abel, Albert Folvi, Terence Rodrigues, Marciana Tangcay & Geoff Blwyddin.

Recently Deceased:

We offer our prayers for JOHN CAFFREY & JOSEPH JACOB who died recently. We offer our sympathy and prayers to their families & friends. We are still waiting for the funeral arrangements for John Caffrey. May they rest in peace!


Margaret Jolliffe, Linda Meek, Margaret Dunleavy, Yvonne Doll, Michael Willis, Lloyd Salmon, Laurence Lally. May they rest in peace – Amen.
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