Parish Prayer List : 21 January 2018

The Sick:

Nilojan Mariyathas, Jill Hart, Vincent Ansbro, Bety Joyce, Tony Hardy, Esther Daley, Clifford Teteh, Norman Mendonca, Irene Mendonca, Julianna Hayfron, Winston, Devonish, Norah Bolger, Nino Abel, and Patricia Xerri, Mike Nash & Monique Nash, Geoffrey Bowydin, Albert Folvi

Recently Deceased:

Quinton Ceccheti and Margaret “Madge” Henry. We offer our prayers and sympathy to all their family and friends.


Robert Parker, Epphi SahlanLie, Helena Rule, Crispin DeSouza, Frederick Jackson, Elizabeth Chung, Veronica Bennet, Rita Gouveia, Peggy (Mady) Breslin, Allan Gillane, James Bell, Hilton Leonard, William O’Donoghue, Thomas McGeever, Marie Desveaux, Daphne Philips, Patricia Rotin May they rest in peace – Amen.
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