St. Boniface Catholic Church Tooting opened for worship in 1907 and is home to a large Parish Community in South West London with over 45 nationalities represented in our parish family. We are in the RC Archdiocese of Southwark.

Holy Mass is celebrated daily – see Mass Times for details. Everyone is invited to the hall on Sundays after the 10:30am Mass for tea and coffee; for anyone new to the parish, you are very welcome to join in these coffee mornings and to meet the priests after Sunday Mass.

Our Parish Primary School (St Boniface R.C. Primary School) is a vital part of our community.

The parish has two halls available for hire on weekends (See Hall Hire).

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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

assumption_001This weekend (13th-14th August 2016) we celebrate the feast of the
Assumption of Our Lady.


holidaysOur prayers are with all those who are travelling these days.

May God bless you with a safe journey and a relaxed time!

FREE AT LAST! As the school term finishes and the holidays beckon, we wish all the young people of our parish a good time, whether you are going away or staying at home this summer. Get plenty of exercise, do at least ten heroic things, learn a new language, compose a symphony, save someone’s life and invent a really useful
gadget. And even if you don’t manage all of this, do remember to come back after the holidays. We’ll miss you all!

A Day With Jesus

Monthly Recollection & Healing Prayers

PLEASE NOTE: Only for August this will START at 9.30am (and not at 11am) with devotions, talks, confessions and a Special Mass at 11am followed by anointing of the sick and prayer over people.

Every second Saturday of the month. Recollection, Mass & Healing Prayers. The next service is on SATURDAY 13th August. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in prayer and reflection. If you know anyone who is ill, family or friends please bring them along with you.

Altar Servers

Well done to all who have completed their training. These servers will start serving in their new dress from the solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady, weekend of Sunday 14th August.

Note: all servers must wear black shoes. Those who have not done the training cannot serve from 14th August. Please speak to one of the priests if you wish to be trained.

All are Welcome

We as a Parish Family welcome everyone: children, young people, adults, parents with young babies, disabled and elderly. Recently we have cut six pews close to the last six columns on either side from the back of the Church to make more space for disabled people, parents with buggies etc. Please make use of this facility.

May we ask others not to take these spaces which are created for those who are disabled, people with poor eye sight, pushchairs, parents with babies, etc.

Catechists for our

2017 Confirmation Programme

We have around sixty five young people already registered for the Confirmation and fifty five for First Holy Communion. We have now closed the registration for the programmes.

The programmes will start in January 2017. The dates and the details of the programme will be available by the first week in September.

Since we have many young people registered for Confirmation, we need more catechists. If anyone wishes to join the catechists’ team, please speak to one of the priests after Mass. Training will be given to you.

Bishop Patrick Lynch’s Visit

The 12.00pm Mass on SUNDAY 21st AUGUST will be celebrated by Bishop Patrick Lynch. He will be very happy to see you all and meet you afterwards in the Parish hall over a cup of coffee/tea.

New Altar Servers

Those who have received their first holy communion this year are eligible to become altar servers. If interested please fill the form in the Church porch and put through the Presbytery letterbox.

Welcome to Fr Wilfred Obine

We warmly welcome back Fr Obina who has served in our Parish for the last three summers. Fr Obina will now be joining our Parish not for a summer supply but for the long term. We wish him every happiness and a successful ministry at St Boniface

Early Reminder of Our Parish Day

This year we are celebrating our Parish Day on Sunday 11th September. A day for all of us to come together and celebrate the life of the Parish.

The 12.00pm Mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Kevin McDonald and we will be inviting other dignitaries to join us. There will be a barbecue, entertainment and games for children after this Mass for all the Parish.


Any person who was never baptised, or who was baptised in another Christian tradition and would like to become a Catholic, and/or if any adult wishes to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, please come and see a priest during the Parish Open House Friday evenings

Coach Trip to Brighton

The Parish is organising a day trip to Brighton on WEDNESDAY 17th AUGUST.

The coach will leave at 9am and return from Brighton at about 5pm. It is a free trip specially for the elderly, families and those who cannot afford a holiday. If you wish to come on this trip, please put your name and contact details on the sheet on the table in the Porch.

Ministry of Welcoming

We are most grateful to those parishioners who have already handed in their completed forms to join this important ministry of Parish Life. Visitors, new parishioners, the elderly, people with special needs, parents with young children need help and support from us. The Parish asks you to consider joining the Ministry of Welcoming.

Please take a sheet that explains more about the ministry that has a form to be completed and return to a priest or the Parish Office.


Arranging Baptisms



To arrange for the Baptism of your child, please come to the parish open house and speak to one of the priests.

There is a short preparation course which usually takes place on the last two Tuesday evenings of each month. Baptisms usually take place at 3pm on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Weddings in the Parish

If anyone wishes to get married in the Church please see a priest first to begin the documentation process before you start any other preparation.

Please note six months notice is usually required.

Hospital Visits

If you or a family member are admitted to St George’s Hospital and would like to see a priest, please let the hospital chaplain (Fr Jonathon Routh) know. His details are on the front of the newsletter.

In an emergency, please ask the ward staff to contact the priest on call.

Parish Open House

A Parish surgery is held on Friday evenings in the presbytery between 6pm – 7:30pm. This is an opportunity to see one of the priests about routine matters (such as form signing or arranging baptisms) or to have a private chat about any other matter. No appointment necessary.

Please note: parish surgeries are not for turning up to view the hall. If you would like an appointment to view the hall please email secretary@stbonifacetooting.org.uk to arrange this.

Gift Aid


GiftAid It

You can increase the value of your contributions to the parish by signing up for Gift Aid.

As long as you are a UK tax payer and pay sufficient tax to cover the amount reclaimed by the parish for your contributions, you can be part of the gift aid scheme. Read more…


Parish Prayer List : 07 August 2016

Recently Deceased:

Delia McGory

The Sick:

Tony Hardy, Amleset Gebrezgi, Priscilla Esi, Richard Sagoe, Esther Daley. Clifford Teteh, Norman & Irene Mendonca, Evelyn Hyland, Denis Lockwood, Kevin Coulson, Reg Ebdy, Winston, Arthur Smurthwaite & Fredda Smurthwaite, Oliver Murray


Agatha Hanley, Raymond Gearing, Norah Moran, John Hanley, Istavan Goher, Roy Charlton, Daphney Mooney, Ana Fernandes, Victor Lawrence, Michael Hickey, Michael Clifford, Genoveva Galon, Brian Gallagher, Sarah Muscat, Maria Allen.

May they rest in peace – Amen.

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