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May I, on behalf of the Priests and people of St. Boniface Catholic Church, welcome you to our website.  We are a large Parish Community in South West London with over 45 nationalities represented within our faith family.  We are always keen to welcome new members and people who are thinking about coming back.

We are very proud of our Parish Primary School (St Boniface R.C. Primary School, Undine Street, Tooting, London. SW17 8PP (020 8672 5874) / www.stboniface.wandsworth.sch.uk, they are a vital part of our community.  Also within our Parish we have St. George’s Hospital and Medical School.

If you would like to know more about Mass Times, receiving the sacraments and different Parish groups please view our website further or contact us direct on 020 8672 2345.

Thank you and God Bless
Fr. Tom
Parish Priest


Gift Aid

To get started in the Gift Aid scheme all you need to do is download the declaration and when completed either e-mail it to giftaid@stbonifacetooting.org.uk or put it in an envelope marked “Gift Aid Organiser” and drop it into the Presbytery. The Gift Aid Organiser (Tony Finnegan) will then arrange for you to have a box of envelopes in which to make your contributions.

Download Gift Aid Form 2012

Parish Weekly Newsletter

27th Sunday of the Year (B) – Front

27th Sunday of The Year (B) – Back

 28th Sunday of the Year (B) – Front

28th Sunday of The Year (B) – Back

Mass Attendance Forms

Throughout the course of the year we will periodically ask you to complete Mass attendance forms. The purpose of which is to confirm weekly Mass attendance of families who will be seeking a Priest’s reference for entrance into a Catholic nursery, primary and secondary school for their child.

Our objective is to be fair to everyone.

Announcements will be made at the end of Mass and forms can be found in the foyer of the Church or in the Social Club hall. One form per child should be completed and returned to the box provided.

We understand this can be inconvenient, but it does also mean a lot of extra work for the parish team. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Father Tom McElhone
Parish Priest


Office Hours


 The Parish Secretary will be working the following hours:
Monday and Tuesday: 9.00am to 3.30pm
Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00am to 3.00pm.
Should you require an appointment outside of these hours, please call Tricia direct on 020 8672 2345 (option 1)
and we will try to accommodate this if appropriate.
Do not hesitate to contact any of the Priests direct if required.


Parish Sick List :

Tony Hardy, Sandra Moore, Clifford Tetteh, Stuart Delachow, Veronica, Peggy Lopko, Jan Rooks, Pat Xerri, Kevin Coulson, Mr & Mrs Lockwood, Nkiru Monyei, Mariela Grogan, Christina Grogan,  Patricia Xeri, Ena George, Lisa, Ruth Samuel,  Iden Vijay,Yvonne Jason,  Alphouse Maria Pillis, Ana Hita,Oliver Murray,  Silvia Ormeno Medrano, Teresa Sotto,John Carder,Jacinth Joseph,Fr. Francis Rosario, Tony Perriera, Maria Cumbermack, Ian Lord, Richard Oyaro, Eric Mutuwiri, Holly Peters, Mary & Tony Harrup, John  Bondin, Simonne Marie, Marie Liste, Bridget O’Connell, Francis Mendonca, Norman Mendonca, Christine Crogen, Ian Addison, Eileen Gillane, Stan Pusey,  Ademola Fashola, Jacqueline Ripley,  Emilia & Manuel Diaz, Zbiegriew Olienska, Rose Hamilton, Peter & Irene Mendonca, Jackie Davies, Maria Toot,  Margaret Wright,  Charles Martin,  Kathleen Gilbride, Marion Moss, & Cathy O’Flynn.Clifford Gomez    Please keep them in your prayers


Anniversaries List :

Christopher Carton, Kathleen Moynihan, Eddy Sinasi, Patiricia Kinsella, Carlton Anthony Leo, Margaret Madigan, Bridget Eva Manning, John Redmond Walsh, Bridget (Beanice) Ashford, Morrena Ann Francis, Joaquin Villajos Nevado, Sabatino Barbarino, Thomas Quinn, Soon-Cheng Lim, Christine Doran, Emanuela Aquilina Maurice Edward Nokiah, Doreen Bassett, Mary Elizabeth Morrison, Bridget (Bearnice) Ashford, Morrena Ann Francis, Maura Josephine Saunders, James Edward Cluskey, Mieczyslaw Pedzinski, Esther Morlewska & Ethelreda Lony Thomas    May they rest in peace – Amen


Recently Deceased :

, Mary Grace Wolsey.   May they rest in peace - Amen 

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