St. Boniface Catholic Church Tooting opened for worship in 1907 and is home to a large Parish Community in South West London with over 45 nationalities represented in our parish family. We are in the RC Archdiocese of Southwark.

Holy Mass is celebrated daily – see Mass Times for details. Everyone is invited to the hall on Sundays after the 10:30am Mass for tea and coffee; for anyone new to the parish, you are very welcome to join in these coffee mornings and to meet the priests after Sunday Mass.

Our Parish Primary School (St Boniface R.C. Primary School) is a vital part of our community.

The parish has two halls available for hire on weekends (See Hall Hire).

Fr Shaju - Parish Priest

Fr Shaju – Parish Priest

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Stations of the Cross – Fridays at 7pm after the 6.30pm Mass.


Future Events

There are a number of parish events coming up. Please note the dates so that you will be able to take part.

  • A retreat day for readers and ministers of Holy Communion on Saturday 25th March from 11am-3pm.
  • A retreat day for choir members on Saturday 6th May from 11am-2pm.
  • The 110th anniversary of the opening of our church on 27 April 2017.



Our Parish community is happy to offer both Spanish and Polish language, history and cultural lessons for children. We are looking for more parents who can help in these area. If you can, please speak to one of the priests or contact the Parish Office.
Many thanks.



One of the important aspects of the season of lent is almsgiving where we are asked to pray and support Jesus in the suffering of the poor. Parish asks you to remember poor in your prayers and especially the orphans whom we are supporting. You will find a box in the Church from this weekend where you can give any donation for the orphans. Think of giving up something every week and please do give the money saved to the orphans.



Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is next Sunday, 26th March. It is a day to honour mothers and other mother figures, such as grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law. Mothering Sunday was originally a time when people returned to the church, in which they were baptised or where they attended services when they were children. This meant that families were reunited as adults returned to the towns and villages where they grew up. Mothers, even if you cannot go to the Church in which you were baptised, please do come for the Mass with your family.




Fridays at 7pm after the 6.30pm Mass. You are most welcome to join the Lord on his journey to Calvary.







As part of Parish Lenten Programme, all the parishioners are requested to make at least one Lenten retreat; Saturday 11th March and Saturday 8th April 9.30am to 12.30pm. It is an opportunity to spend time with the Lord and get ready for the Holy Week celebrations.



We value very much the presence and the contributions of Seniors to our Parish Family. To say a thank you to them, we celebrate a Day in honour of them which will be on Sunday 30th April with a special Mass at 12:00 followed by a dinner & entertainment in the hall. If any senior parishioner would like to come for dinner, please put your name on the sheet in the back of the Church, If you require transport, please specify it. We need help to serve food and organise some entertainment for them.



Pope Francis blessed six Centennial Pilgrim Statues of Our Lady of Fatima to travel six continents to begin visitation of dioceses and major cities in the world. One of the Statues will visit us on Friday 7th April afternoon and will be with us until Saturday afternoon. More details to come.




ON Saturday 3rd June 11am-3pm. All the parents & couples are requested to put this date in your diary.
Following Sunday, 4the June, we will celebrate a DAY OF PARENTS. Couple will have an opportunity to renew their Marriage vows at the Mass. If anyone is celebrating special anniversary of their wedding such as 1st, 10th, 25th, 40th, 50th or 60th, please fill in a form which can be found on the table in the Porch.



There is a box for donations of dried and tinned food, fruit juice, biscuits in the Coffee Shop. All donations are greatly appreciated.


Food & Drink in the Church

Please do not consume food & drink in the Church for both children & adults. The Parish is very happy that we have special places in the Church for people with pushchairs and prams. Please leave these spaces free for whom they were intended.

We also thank all parents for bringing their children to the Church and being part of our family. If your children are getting restless, please take them to the Cry Chapel.



Confirmation Preparation for Adults

confirmation-00The sacrament of Confirmation strengthens and perfects the graces given to us at our Baptism. During Lent, we will offer a programme of preparation for baptised Catholic adults who wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

If you have not been confirmed, please complete one of the application forms available at the back of the church and return it to the parish office.





The Parish wishes to say thank you to all the Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and members of our four Choirs for helping us in our Parish life: in prayer & celebrations. You all are requested to make use of the retreats which are organised for you.

Readers & Eucharistic Ministers: SATURDAY 25th MARCH 11am-3pm

Choirs: SATURDAY 6th MAY 11am-2pm.




It will be 110 years on 18th April 2017 since the dedication of our Church. Let us maintain our Parish as we are getting ready for the anniversary celebrations.




This alone is what God asks of you: that you act with justice; that you love with tenderness; that you walk in humility with your God.



The Parish takes this opportunity to thank all of you for helping one another to pray in the Church with silence and also keeping our Church neat and clean. Please do not consume food and drink in the Church for both children and adults. The Parish is very happy that we now have special places in the Church for people with pushchairs and prams. Please leave these spaces free for whom they were intended.
We also thank all parents for bringing their children to the Church and being part of our family.
If your children are getting restless, please take them to the Cry Chapel.







You can view Parish Videos on YouTube



The second Saturday of each month.


Day with Jesus

Recollection, Mass & Healing Prayers. Start at 9.15am with Morning Prayer, adoration, devotions, talk, confessions, and a Special Mass at 11am followed by anointing of the sick and prayer over people.

It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time in prayer and reflection. If you know anyone who is ill in your family or among friends please bring them with you.




Novena to St Anthony


St Anthony

The Novena to St Anthony will now take place every Tuesday after 9.30am Mass.








Weddings in the Parish

rings-01If anyone wishes to get married in the Church please see a priest first to begin the documentation process before you start any other preparation.

Please note six months notice is usually required.




Hospital Visits

If you or a family member are admitted to St George’s Hospital and would like to see a priest, please let the hospital chaplain (Fr Jonathon Routh) know. His details are on the front of the newsletter.

In an emergency, please ask the ward staff to contact the priest on call.


Parish Open House

Next Open House – Friday, 17th February

A Parish surgery is held on Friday evenings in the presbytery between 6pm – 7:30pm. This is an opportunity to see one of the priests about routine matters (such as form signing or arranging baptisms) or to have a private chat about any other matter. No appointment necessary.

Please note: parish surgeries are not for turning up to view the hall. If you would like an appointment to view the hall please email secretary@stbonifacetooting.org.uk to arrange this.


Gift Aid


GiftAid It

You can increase the value of your contributions to the parish by signing up for Gift Aid.

As long as you are a UK tax payer and pay sufficient tax to cover the amount reclaimed by the parish for your contributions, you can be part of the gift aid scheme. Read more…




Parish Prayer List : 19 March 2017

The Sick:

Giuseppe Piccinini, Aires Fernandes, Sherifa Joseph, Veronica Antao, Christina Grogan, Ian Addison, Matilda Addison, Maria Da Silva, Bety Joyce, J J Hogan, Tony Hardy, Esther Daley, Clifford Teteh, Norman Mendonca, Irene Mendonca, Idan Vijay, Thomas McDermot, Eula Brito, Geoffrey Blwyddin, Albert Folivi, Sharon Wrightman, Kevin Hider, Carys Bradshaw, Yacintha Subramaniam. Joanna Hayfron.


Recently Deceased:

Diogo Pinto, Anne Richardson, Judith Amito, John McNamara, Theresa Lawrence, Lorna Charles-Agbowu, Terence McLoughlin., Mary Brown.



Grace Ashionon, Douglas Smith Derek Staggles, William Smith, Peter Bekoe, Kathleen Burnet, Allister Calliste, Joseph Roddicks, Mary Byrne, Mary Tierney, Percy Webbe, Maria Alvares, Geoffrey Daniels, Aniroot Paranam, Desmond Augustine, Michael Stafford, Elizabeth Coughlan, John Rivans, Shirley Gammon.

May they rest in peace – Amen.

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